Altering trasparency

Ark No05, 2004, pages 86-89
Hartela Oy Headquarters

The project for the development of the western shore of the Aurajoki river in Turku has now been going for ten years. The most recent scheme in this development is the conversion of the former Aura brewery, designed by Alwin Jacobi in 1885, to house the headquarters of Hartela Oy, and its 100 employees.

The basic idea of the design was to move the main entrance to Aurajoki river side of the building as well as to open the entrance hall through all three floors. Part of the offices, maintenance facilities, storage and staff social spaces are places in the core of the building. The open vestibule has been separated from the core by a tall glass façade, the transparency of which can be regulated electronically. A company sauna and training facilities have been placed in the basement.

The brewery site is the last project in the development of the western shore of the Aurajoki river in Turku. Before the recent renovation, the building had been vacant for 20 years.
The etched glass surfaces of the intermediate floors can be brought to life by lightening and the transparency of the conference room can be electronically regulated.




RiverRun Estates Masterplan Development

The 100-acre development, which will be known as RiverRun Estates, comprises 1,258 residential units - over 600 townhouses and villas; and more than 600 apartments, a retail promenade, a school, a water themepark, a boat club and a boutique hotel.