Illuminated wall landscape

Ark No03, 2001, pages 74-75
Abel & Baker company offices

The offices, for an interactive marketing company, are situated on the ground floor of an industrial building from 1919 (architect W.G. Palqvist). The aim was to find a solution that is spatially efficient and flexible, and within which changes in the internal hierarchy and working capacity of the company could be carried easily.

The symmetry typical for such spaces has been divided up into equal-sized cubic forms and further, following the old building structure, into smaller units, creating the necessary spatial division and the internal hierarchy. A loop is created between the areas: a “street” winds through the spatial division created in the tall space, from the ground level via a bridge to the top, returning down again via the service staircase. A new “street corner” is created deep within the space, which acts as a fulcrum for the overall space.

In the architecture the relationship between the new volume and the existing space is explored. The emphasis content-wise is on a high-quality environment, where the tall internal space acts as a semi-public space, highlighting the openness and identity of the place. All new elements are treated crearly as new ones.

The floor structure is not supported by columns. Sufficient structural strength has been achieved with suspension rods.
A projection screen ascends upon the clear glass wall.




RiverRun Estates Masterplan Development

The 100-acre development, which will be known as RiverRun Estates, comprises 1,258 residential units - over 600 townhouses and villas; and more than 600 apartments, a retail promenade, a school, a water themepark, a boat club and a boutique hotel.