Tammi Publishers Office Building

International Interiors Annual Volume 1, pages 75-77
Tammi Publishers

Tammi Publishers called AUD Architects for the design and furnishing of their refurbished office building in the Helsinki city-centre. The building dates from 1960´s and AUD Architects vision was to restore the unique interior after several past redecorations, as well as create a tailor-made interior design for the publishing companies special needs. 

Tammi Publishers, the third biggest publishing house in Finland, found this building suitable after a long search for headquarters. The company wanted to fit all the functions under one roof. Besides the office space and staff training auditoriums Tammi Publishers needed room for catering and its bookshop that is now located in the buildings plinth. 

Re-directing the sunlight inside of the building was seen essential. Natural light should reach even the inner parts of the earlier quite dark building. Original elements such as rooftop windows were repaired and reused as much as was possible. The building was originally built as Helsinki Telephone Company´s headquarters and still had left some of its technical modernism that nowadays can be remembered with warmth. The original elements such as wall tiles and internal stairs, once on top of modernism, can now be seen elegantly as the marks of later renovations were removed. Oak (Tammi = oak in Finnish) was used as a new material. In the lobby oak panelling was stained in black, but in the bookshop it remained it´s natural color. 

Company´s furniture was accomplished with Ilmari Tapiovaara´s meeting groups, originally designed in the 1950´s and now represented by Aero Design Furniture (awarded in 2005 by the Finnish Association of Designers for the re-editing of Tapiovaara´s furniture). The biggest part of the furniture, such as office tables and bookshop fittings were Niko Tiula´s design. The acoustic were improved by covering a whole wall with curtains. 

Design work ended up to be on the one hand restore the 1960´s architecture and on the other hand a tailor-made interior design for the publishing company´s needs. Presenting modern architecture the building allowed dividing the interiors better for rooms than art nouveau representatives. Thanks to the compact window spacing it was possible to have at least one window in every office room. By the editors´ quiet working rooms the space was divided also into landscape offices.





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