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Form Functional Finland No96, page 63
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Interior designer Niko Tiula was named as the Interior Architect of the Year 2004 at the end of November. The title was awarded by the Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO.

This was the first time that the Interior Architect of the Year title has been awarded. The prize is presented to a professional in the field who has shown special creativity and professional skill in his or her work. Niko Tiula was chosen unanimously – the jury gave particular weight to his clear and all-embracing vision. Tiula has the ability to handle the design and construction process as a total package. architectural aims have not been made secondary to the demands of construction technology.

Particular appreciation was also expressed for Tiula´s careful design and implementation of details.

One of the latest examples of a quality result was the conversion of an old brewery in Turku into business premises for the building company Hartela. An example of innovative thinking is the KIDE housing construction concept developed jointly by Tiula and a builder. The concept involves designing individualised facilities in housing units with fittings and materials for each buyer, within the limits of certain technical demands.

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RiverRun Estates Masterplan Development

The 100-acre development, which will be known as RiverRun Estates, comprises 1,258 residential units - over 600 townhouses and villas; and more than 600 apartments, a retail promenade, a school, a water themepark, a boat club and a boutique hotel.