Renewing Spaces

Architecture+Design, No9, 2005, pages 68-71
Hartela Ltd Headquarters, Turku

The design brief called for an old brewery to be converted to the headquarters of a contracting company. The brewery´s tile quarter was the last target of the 10-year-long renovation project that look place in the Aura-river´s western bank in the city of Turku. In this renovation, the former brewery from 1885 was renovated into Hartela Ltd´s headquarters. The building had served as a brewery for hundred years and was closed down in 1980s.

The new headquarters were planned for a hundred employees. The main idea was to switch the main entrance to the riverside and to open the foyer through the building´s three floors up to 17m. The solution made it possible to get sunlight towards the inner parts of the building. The landscape and the private office were situated next to the façade. Inner spaces of the building, that did not have windows, were planned as meeting rooms and cafeterias. These rooms are separated from the wider space by glass walls. In the meeting rooms, the transparency of the wall is adjustable electronically. The glass wall can be switched to the tone that gives enough privacy for meetings. The service spaces as well as storage spaces were also placed towards the inner side.

The glass wall on the side of the building can be seen as another façade that rises from the foyer. This gives the foyer a sort of public space identity. Building the big glass walls was the most challenging part of renovation. The clayey subsoil on the Aura river bank caused constant movement within the building. Not only the building´s foundations needed to be strengthened but also the vertical movement had to be taken into consideration. For example, placing height regulators under the glass wall protected it from dangerous twisting. All kinds of techniques were placed into the building´s intermediate floor, where the equipment could be laid on old vaults. For example, these solutions helped to keep air-conditioning and sprinklers out of the sight. The main colors used were white, tones of grey and black in the side of oiled oak and wenge.

Built-up Area: 2030 m2
Year of Competition: 2004




RiverRun Estates Masterplan Development

The 100-acre development, which will be known as RiverRun Estates, comprises 1,258 residential units - over 600 townhouses and villas; and more than 600 apartments, a retail promenade, a school, a water themepark, a boat club and a boutique hotel.